Monday, October 6, 2008


Over the weekend I decided to do a little painting and some lighting upgrades and here are the results.

First up was the painting. I went down to my local auto parts store and picked up a couple cans of Dupli-Colors high temp paint. As you can see I painted all the intercooler piping and only the front of the intercooler which can be seen from the outside for that stealth look.

All in all it turned out pretty well. Hopefully in the future I can get the upper IC pipe and valve cover painted in matching wrinkle black and with an ARC cover siting over the coil packs.

Got some turn signals from which was only place I could find theses things in stock. West Covina Nissan had them for the cheapest but there was a 60 day wait.

Anyways, I upgraded the turn signal bulbs to some leds from The corner lights already had leds in there but they were not cutting it so I changed corner bulbs as well.

So now they match the HIDs alot better.

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