Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missile Cars Drifting Plus SPIRANT Chaser

I don't blame the SPIRANT Chaser for staying back. Those missile cars are beat up !!

As far as car updates go, theres not much right now. I've been gathering some parts here and there and hopefully i'll install them soon but I did find a small pond in my trunk just today. Thanks to all the rain thats been falling here in SoCal. Luckily the water did not mess with any of the electrical stuff back there. Thankfully s13's have drain plugs for those sort of occurrences.

No real track practice either thus no cool action shots like below :)
Mainly just mini parking lot sessions.

1 comment:

Peter of A. said...

I love these cars ! Post more please ! I really like the bashed up drifting look ! Any chance to see tomething like a wallpaper ?